StarTrooper Laser Tag is an exciting, fun and challageing sport. Each player has a vest and a laser gun, by hitting the enemy you collect points and de-activate other players. Depending on game style the team or person with the highest score is the winner. After the game each player recieves a personal score card with game statistics. StarTrooper is played in a themed arena where smoke, music and other decorations add to the excitement of the game. This kind of games are very poppular in USA, Canada and big parts of Europe.

StarTrooper -- Fun, Exciting and totally SAFE


Each game is 15 minutes inside the arena with additional time for a briefing and suiting up for battle. Players should be at least 1.3m tall and we recommend they are older than 7 years old.

Price: 60 RMB per player and game

By hour (only weekdays) 1880 RMB / hour minimum 2 hours

StarTooper is very popular so please make a reservation to get the day and time you would like to have.

tel: 010-64758329